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Corey Taylor Says Slipknot Is ‘Doing Something Right Again’

Slipknot Corey TaylorSlipknot’s lead vocalist Corey Taylor recently spoke about the success of the band’s latest studio effort “.5: The Gray Chapter,” noting that the band is clearly doing something right once again, or otherwise they wouldn’t have reached the same level of success and garnered as much kudos from both fans and critics.

Chatting with Life and Times, the singer noted that ¬†there is an obvious bittersweet taste about the whole matter, seeing that the effort is dedicated to the band’s late bass player Paul Gray, who passed away in May 2010 due to an overdose of morphine.

However, he further pointed out that the fact that fans have embraced the record, as well as its hit tracks such as “Custer,” “The Devil in I,” “The Negative One” and others, means the world to the whole band.

Corey also stated that hearing a demo of the song “Sarcastrophe,” which was subsequently unveiled as a part of “.5: The Gray Chapter,” was the catalyst that kicked off the writing process of the record. Taylor explained how he received a rough version of the song from guitarist Jim Root, which further prompted him to start work on some fresh Slipknot material once again.

His full statement reads as follows: “Obviously, there’s a kind of a bittersweet vibe to it. But, I also think that not only would Paul [Gray] be proud of this album, but I think he’d be proud of the fact that we came back in a huge orm and we were able to make a great album. So the fact the people are really embracing it – people are going out and they’re buying it and they’re really driving it back to a point where people wouldn’t have said that metal is dead today. That just makes me happy because it means that we’re doing something right again.”

“.5: The Gray Chapter” saw its release in October 2014 via Roadrunner Records, marking the band’s fifth studio effort and the first one not to feature late bassist Paul Gray and estranged longtime drummer Joey Jordison, who parted ways with the ‘Knot fold in ecember 2013 due to personal differences and internal band clashes which remain undisclosed as of yet due to ongoing legal issues.

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