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Dave Grohl Officially Named Ambassador of Record Store Day

Dave GrohlFoo Fighters mainman is known as an avid supporter of owning physical copies of music records. Following the footsteps of such fellow rock titans as Ozzy Osbourne, Iggy Pop, Chuck D, and Jack White, Dave was officially named the ambassador of the Record Store Day.

In an official statement, cool guy Grohl noted that he actually found his calling “in the back bin of a dark, dusty record store.” The first album he ever bought was a 1975 compilation “Block Buster 20 Original Hits Compilation,” not exactly an all-time favorite of the masses, but an album that made young “want to become a musician,” and that is no mean feat.

The musician also noted that he considers the power of record stores to inspire, change lives and deliver magic to be alive and well, branding their importance for future generations “crucial.”

Grohl’s support of local scenes, musicians and events, as well as the traditional way of obtaining music seems to be quite strong, but is not something that should surprise anyone either. Through such projects as the massive “Sound City” and the Foo Fighters’ latest studio effort “Sonic Highways,” Grohl demonstrated his ability to make the old-fashioned way of music production and consumption shine and glow.

As for the event itself, this year’s Record Store Day is set to traditionally take place on the third Saturday of April, which would be April 18 in 2015. The day focuses on celebrating the culture of an independently owned record store, bringing artists, performers, and record store owners closer together. Various artists have supported the idea behind t he project over the years, whether it’s through the mentioned ambassadorship, live shows, various discounts, purchases, or by simply showing up, rocking out and spreading the word out.

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