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Dave Grohl’s Teenage Letter to Minor Threat + Fugazi Frontman Surfaces

Dave GrohlA letter that Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl wrote to Minor Threat and Fugazi frontman Ian MacKaye has recently been unearthed, showing just how differently things used to function back then.

At the time, Dave was only 14 years old. MacKaye and Minor Threat are commonly cited as Grohl’s major influences, hence it makes perfect sense that young Mr. Foo once wanted to address his hero.

In a brief note, Dave praised Ian for delivering “good thrash,” and inquired about the possibility of getting a few phone numbers to find some proper rock music. Since even rock stars need a good night’s sleep, the calls are restricted only to the period between 3 PM and 10 PM.

The letter was presented by Dave himself via Twitter, make sure to give it a read below.


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