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Def Leppard Push Back the Release of New Album, Record Tentatively Due Around Late 2015

Def LeppardHard rock titans Def Leppard have announced that the release of their new album will be postponed until later this year.

Singer Joe Elliot told Billboard that the record, initially scheduled for the spring of 2015, will be delayed because “an unprecedented amount of offers” from different labels to release the new effort.

The full statement reads: “The important thing is we make a good record. I don’t think people are queuing around the block to buy a Def Leppard release right now; if they’re doing it for anybody at all it’d be Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. But for us it’s really important that we keep the high quality we’ve always tried to deliver and we don’t let ourselves down. We’re never gonna be the kind of band that goes, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter, nobody buys records anymore so let’s just piss one out in a month.’ That’s not our style. It never will be.”

The latest Def Leppard studio record, “Songs From the Sparkle Lounge,” saw its release back in April 2008 via Island and Universal Music.

Elliot has previously described the fresh stuff as “varied,” but top-notch nevertheless, noting that some of the new material sounds exactly like classic Def Leppard the fans are used to hearing, while another segment sounds completely different and more age-appropriate for a group of fellas well into their fifties.

Despite their age and the number of years spent in the music business, the Leppard crew insists they are still finding ways to keep things fresh and interesting, rather than getting stuck in the creative rut.

Although it’s been well over six years since the release of their latest studio effort, Elliot and co. are not rushing things by any stretch. Guitarist Vivian Campbell recently underwent major medical procedures to battle Hodgkin’s lymphoma and had proudly announced that he feels that the disease is beginning to withdraw from his body.

Team Leppard is known for overcoming major struggles, whether it’s the tragic loss of guitarist Steve Clark or the car accident that cost drummer Rick Allen his arm. The fellas are still selling arenas and their new effort is greatly anticipated.

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