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Dragonforce Guitarist Shreds ‘Through the Fire and Flames’ Solo Live Underwater

DragonforceDragonforce guitarist Herman Li decided to give fans at this year’s Full Metal Cruise and extra dose of showmanship by shredding a ripping solo in the pool, fully submerged in water, with a guitar over his head.

And the ripping solo occurred during none other song than “Through the Fire and Flames,” one of the band’s most technically demanding tunes, widely known as the most difficult song on “Guitar Hero” game.

But the DF crew made sure that safety comes first so Mr. Li does not get electrocuted. The technicians made Herman’s guitar extra waterproof by applying several layers of different materials, and one of the factors used were some good ole condoms.

As the footage below shows, Li first got onto one of the fans’ shoulders and made his way shredding through the pool. Then he went full-on hardcore and dove underwater, keeping only his six-string above the water. That moment occurred at around 3:15, make sure to check it out in the embedded clip below.

This is merely one of the awesome moments you might get to witness at a Dragonforce show. Click here to check out the band’s full list of upcoming shows and additional ticket info.

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