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Dragonforce: ‘It’s Not Easy Keeping a Band Going’

DragonforceDragonforce guitarist Herman Li recently opened up about the prospect of leading a rock band, pointing out that there is much more complexity behind all the glamour, and it’s not all sunshine and rainbows either.

Chatting with Rock Sverige (via Blabbermouth), the shred master noted that ” making good albums and sticking to your guns” is the hardest way to go, but also the most rewarding one.

Explaining how many things can impact one’s mind and life path, especially in the time we live in where information is available more than ever before, Mr. Li stressed that he regrets nothing and can only be happy with the path his music has taken him and the whole band.

Asked about what is the key to the success behind Dragonforce, the axeman simply replied that ” it always comes down to hard work,” pointing out that regardless of the talent, an immense amount of work and effort is always required.

That about wraps up today’s dose of inspiring words by rock and metal icons, make sure to see Dragonforce live in a city near you. A full list of upcoming shows and additional ticket info is available here

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