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Elvis Costello Tour Dates, Cheap Concert Tickets 2016

Elvis Costello Tour and Tickets 2015

UK pub rock icon Elvis Costello will be entertaining the crowds in US and Europe this year, with a string of live concert dates stretching out mostly across April and May.

The run will get started on March 29, live at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts venue in Santa Rosa, CA. The man will stay in the States for about two weeks, paying a visit to Salt Lake City, San Diego, Los Angeles, and other cities.

Then, following a three-week break, Mr. Costello will hit Europe, starting with the May 9 gig at the Warwick Arts Centre venue in Coventry, UK. Apart from a massive London residency during mid May, the run across the old continent will see the musician staying in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain, and several other countries.

Finally, the lengthy trek will end on June 6, live at the Auditorio Kursaal venue in San Sebastian, Spain.

Elvis Costello Cheap/Discounted Tickets 2016

USA Schedule & Ticket Prices

Date Time Location Tix Prices                  Venue
Mar 29 8:00PM Santa Rosa, CA $135-$405 Wells Fargo Center for the Arts – Ruth Finley Person Theater
Mar 30 8:00PM San Francisco, CA $41-$617 Nob Hill Masonic Center
Apr 01 9:00PM Santa Barbara, CA $73-$594 Arlington Theatre
Apr 02 8:00PM Los Angeles, CA $6-$666 Ace Hotel
Apr 03 8:00PM Los Angeles, CA $7-$666 Ace Hotel
Apr 05 6:30PM Riverside, CA $69-$491 Fox Performing Arts Center
Apr 07 8:00PM San Diego, CA $70-$405 Balboa Theatre
Apr 08 8:00PM Mesa, AZ $123-$628 Mesa Arts Center
Apr 09 8:00PM Tucson, AZ $144-$576 Rialto Theatre
Apr 11 8:00PM Denver, CO $4-$315 Paramount Theatre
Apr 12 7:30PM Salt Lake City, UT $90-$270 Kingsbury Hall
Apr 13 7:00PM Jackson, WY $336-$396 Jackson Hole Center For The Arts
Apr 15 8:00PM Boise, ID $3-$12 Egyptian Theatre
Apr 16 8:00PM Eugene, OR $108-$544 Mcdonald Theatre
Apr 28 Time TBA New Orleans, LA $360-$1035 New Orleans Fairgrounds
Apr 28 11:00AM New Orleans, LA $76-286$ New Orleans Fairgrounds

United Kingdom & Europe Schedule

Date Time Location Tix Prices                  Venue
May 9 8PM Coventry, UK £48-£51 Butterworth Hall
May 10 8:00PM London, UK £56-£98 Palladium
May 11 8:00PM London, UK £56-£98 Palladium
May 13 8:00PM London, UK £56-£98 Palladium
May 14 8:00PM London, UK £56-£98 Palladium
May 16 8:30PM Antwerp, Belgium €49 De Roma
May 17 8:00PM Paris, France €49 Olympia
May 18 8:15PM Utrecht, Netherlands €55 Tivolivredenburg (Grote Zaal)
May 20 8:00PM Aalborg, Denmark €50 Musikkens Hus
May 21 8:00PM Hamburg, Germany €30-€60 Kleine Laeiszhalle
May 23 9:00PM Turin, Italy €34,50 Teatro Colosseo
May 24 9:00PM Milan, Italy €40,25 Teatro Acrimboldi
May 25 9:30PM Padova, Italy €34,50 Gran Teatro Geox
May 27 9:45PM Florence, Italy €31,05 Teatro Verdi
May 28 9:00PM Bologna, Italy €28,75 Auditorium Teatro Manzoni
May 29 9:00PM Rome, Italy €40,25 Auditorium Parco Della Musica
May 31 9:00PM Brescia, Italy €28,00 Teatro Palabanco
Jun 1 7:00PM Zurich, Switzerland CHF66.70-126.90 Volkshaus
Jun 4 9:30PM Zaragoza, Spain €40 Sala Mozart
Jun 5 9:30PM Madrid, Spain €40 Teatro Monumental
Jun 6 9:30PM San Sebastian, Spain €40 Auditorio Kursaal

Elvis Costello Bio

Declan Patrick MacManus, widely known by his stage name Elvis Costello, began his musical journey way back in the ’70s, but reached prominence with the rise of the New Wave genre, through his distinctive, pub rock-fueled style of songwriting and musical delivery.
Album sales were never Costello’s forte, but like many class acts out there, that didn’t stop him from garnering a cult following and a status of a music icon.

Elvis emerged on the musical scene during the early ’70s as a part of growing pub rock scene in London. His debut album, “My Aim Is True,” saw its release in 1977, permanently associating the frontman with New Wave. The US platinum-certified debut was followed by 1978’s “This Year’s Model,” but at this point, Elvis already had a status of a rebellious fresh artist.

In 1977, he was scheduled to play “Less Than Zero” single on Saturday Night Live. Just as the band kicked off the tune, Costello yelled “Stop! Stop!” during a live broadcast, and began playing “Radio Radio” instead, a protest tune criticizing the commercialization of public broadcast airwaves. This garnered him plenty of publicity, along with an over decade-long ban from the show.

1979 saw the release of platinum-certified “Armed Forces.” The record featured “Oliver’s Army,” arguably the most successful Costello single to date, allowing the effort to cross the one million sales mark in the States.

The ’80s saw Elvis and co. working hard, continuously releasing albums and touring. Additionally, the band refused to get stuck in a formulaic approach, and always implemented different aspects to their sound, whether it was the soul infusion of 1980’s “Get Happy!!”, the tension-riddled “Trust” from 1981, country covers effort “Almost Blue,” also released in 1981, the dark, gloomy “Imperial Boredom” of 1982, or female vocal-enriched “Punch the Clock” from 1983.

By this time, the tensions within the band, especially between Elvis and bassist Bruce Thomas, began to culminate, resulting in Costello’s retirement from the band.

Seeing that Costello was the driving force behind the machinery, we kept releasing new material nevertheless, presenting the crowd with his intricate lyrics riddled with cunning wordplay. Numerous accolades were quick to follow, including a Grammy Award, induction into the prestigious Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003, as well as a No. 80 spot on Rolling Stone magazine’s 2004 list of 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

On the personal side of things, Costello was married three times, and is known for a string of romances, including one with Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler’s brief girlfriend and Liv Tyler’s mother Bebe Buell. After seeing the 1982 documentary “The Animal Film,” Elvis became a vegetarian. Furthermore, his 1983 tune “Pills and Soap” off “Punch the Clock” was inspired by the aforementioned documentary film. He is also known for his humanitarian efforts.

It’s a cruel world out there, but Mr. Costello is still chugging along  against it just fine. As the man himself once noted, “good manners and bad breath will get you nowhere.”

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