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Flyleaf Vocalist:’Replacing Lacey Sturm Has Been Challenging in a Good Way’

Kristen MayFlyleaf vocalist Kristen May, who replaced the band’s founding singer Lacey Sturm, recently got a chance to discuss the experience of stepping into the group instead of one of it’s most recognizable musicians.

Chatting with In the Now Magazine, May described the experience as quite challenging, but in a positive way.

Further describing her position as “overwhelming,” the singer pointed out that her previous band, Vedera, was known for equally intense and packed tour scheduled as Flyleaf,  strengthening her up and allowing her to learn much about rock fans and life on the road in general.

She also noted that the crowds became more massive after joining Flyleaf, but the approach did remain the same – one show at a time, maximum effort all the way. On a positive note, she added that the whole experience in a way forced her to raise self-confidence and tackle life in a more aggressive manner.

The singer’s full statement reads as follows: “I guess if you think of it in [terms of me stepping someone who was loved by the fans], it could be a bit overwhelming, but my band toured just about as much as Flyleaf, so, really, I think…. The cool thing about Flyleaf is that they’re such hard-working guys, and they’re always touring and they’re always writing and they’re always working. So, really, if you just take it day by day, it wasn’t too different than being in my previous band.”

She added, “Now, there’s more kids at shows. But other than that, really, the only thing that took a little getting used to was filling the shoes of someone that had previously been a lead singer. And that was new for me. But I think it’s been challenging in a good way, and it’s made me have to have even more confidence in what I do and be okay with who I am as an artist.”

Flyleaf’s latest studio album, “Between The Stars,” saw its release in September 2014 via Loud & Proud Records, marking the band’s fourth studio effort. Within the first week, it sold 8,200 units in the United States, allowing it to land at spot No. 33 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

The record also marked May’s studio debut with the band, and a follow-up to 2012’s “New Horizons,” which spawned two singles – the title track and “Call You Out.”

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