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Foo Fighters Streaming Rocking Live Rendition of “Congregation”

Foo Fighters CongregationFoo Fighters have officially unveiled a pro-shot clip of a rocking Austin City Limits performance. Promoting their latest studio effort, we can see the band charging through the “Congregation” track.

Written as a “love letter” to American music heritage, the album saw the band trekking across the states and recording a total of eight tunes in eight different cities, aiming to deliver the vibe of each stop with the help of special guest appearances.

“Congregation” features jam rock star Zac Brown of the Zac Brown Band and is dedicated to the music mecca known as the city of Nashville.

Released in November 2014, the album was met with somewhat mixed reviews from fans and critics, although several tunes have stood out as crowd favorites, one of them obviously being “Congregation.”

The band is currently busy out on the road rocking crowds across the world with a mix of staple hits and fresh tunes that are yet to be branded as the Foo classics.

You can watch Mr. Grohl and co delivering the goods in the clip below, courtesy of Austin City Limits.

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