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Linkin Park Thank Fans By Offering a Free Song Download

Linkin Park acoustic version of The Final MasqueradeLinkin Park decided to thank fans for their support by offering them the acoustic version of “The Final Masquerade” track off their latest studio album “The Hunting Party.”

The band was recently forced to cancel a string of live dates due to singer Chester Bennington’s severe injury leg, leaving fans disappointed, but primarily concerned about the vocalist’s health state.

Chester made it out alright and is on his way to full recovery. The fans have overwhelmed the group with words of support, making the LP team share a kind words of thanks with this generous act.

Singer Mike Shinoda personally thanked the fanbase and presented the “stripper down” rendition of the hit single.

“The Haunting Party” saw its release in June 2014 via Warner Bros, marking the band’s sixth studio album.

Back to the track, download it for free via official site at the following link.

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