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Linkin Park Tour Dates + Concert Tickets 2015

Linkin Park Tour and Tickets 2015Nu metal giants Linkin Park have kicked off the year of 2015 on a busy note, embarking on a concert tour to promote their latest album “The Haunting Party” as early as on January 15.

The winter trek started in Orlando, Florida, featuring dates in the US and Canada, most notably Nashville, Indianapolis, Atlantic City and Calgary. The leg’s final stop is set for February 14 in Edmonton, Alberta.

Team LP will then take a break throughout March and April, only to gear up for a string of dates in May and June. Some of the notable gigs include major festival performances such as Rocklahoma, Rock in Rio USA in Las Vegas, Loudwire Music Festival in Colorado and more.

As for additional acts, the group is taking along Rise Against and Of Mice and Men as support. Many dates are sold out well in advance, make sure to get your tickets in time.

Linkin Park Cheap/Discounted Tickets 2015

Linkin Park Tour Schedule 2015

#May 08, Time TBA, Las Vegas (NV), City of Rock#
#May 09, 4:00PM, Las Vegas (NV), City of Rock#
#May 15, Time TBA, Columbus (OH), Columbus Crew Stadium#
#May 22, Time TBA, Pryor (OK), Catch the Fever Festival Grounds#
#May 24, 12:00PM, San Antonio (TX), AT&T Center – The Grounds#
#Jun 26, Time TBA, Grand Junction (CO), Country Jam USA Campground – Grand Junction#
#Jun 30, 7:30PM, Milwaukee (WI), Marcus Amphitheater#


Linkin Park BioBack in the early 2000s, rock music underwent through a period of rejuvenation, and one of the key figures in brining the guitar-driven spirit back into the mainstream was Linkin Park, a nu metal act from California known for mixing the unmixable.

Founded in 1996, the band’s original lineup featured singer Mike Shinoda, lead guitarist Brad Delson, bassist Dave Farrell, Joe Hahn behind the turntable, Rob Bourdon on drums, and Mark Wakefield on vocals. For three years the group worked on forging their sound, but a major shift occurred with the arrival of vocalist Chester Bennington, who replaced Wakefield in 1999. Things clicked between the boys, the timing was right and the world was yearning for a revolution.

The revolution came in the shape of “Meteora,” the group’s first studio effort and one of the most successful debut releases in history of rock. Released in 2000, the record featured such game-changing tunes as “One Step Closer,” “Crawling,” “Papercut,” and “In the End.”

What this seven-piece brought to the table was a never before seen mixture of metal, hard rock, rap and electronica. With 27 million albums sold worldwide, “Hybrid Theory” was certified diamond in the US, easily cementing its spot in history books of rock.

Global arena tours, Grammy Awards, throngs of fans around the world, and only one album, things were looking good for the band for sure.

The nu metal tour de force kept breaking records with 2003’s “Meteora,” the second LP album released to massive success once again, mostly thanks to hit numbers like “Faint” and “Numb.” Instant No. 1 spots around the globe, 20 million units sold, more arena tours, things were really looking good for the boys.

In 2004, the band joined forces with rap magnate Jay Z for a joint EP “Collision Course.”

Some argue that the band’s classic period ended right here, as their next album, 2007’s “Minutes to Midnight,” marked a significant style change as the band stripped some of their signature nu metal elements and proceeded towards more of an alternative rock vibe.

“A Thousand Sins” followed in 2010, “Living Things” dropped in 2012, while “The Hunting Party” was unveiled in 2014. From “Meteora to “Living Things,” Linkin Park topped the US charts with four consecutive efforts. In total, they sold 60 million albums around the world.

Throughout their journey, the group kept a strong, sturdy lineup with very little internal issues. Charity was always among the band’s top priority as a way to give something back to society, but ultimately, music was and always will be LP’s No. 1 priority.

Around 2014, the band opted to return to a more raw, guitar-heavy approach. Band members agreed that although they were proud of their recent releases, they weren’t exactly into them at the moment. A shift indeed occurred, as “The Hunting Party” is commonly dubbed the band’s most guitar-driven album since “Meteora.” The group focuses on touring in 2015, what will go down after the trek yet remains to be seen. Whichever the case might be, don’t blink or you’ll miss it.


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