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Monster Mash Music Festival Dates + Tickets 2015

Monster Mash Music Festival 2015You know what’s a great thing to do on Halloween night? Watch Tool live in concert, of course! If you like the way we think, then you’ll absolutely love the Monster Mash Music Festival 2015.

Taking place from October 30 through November 1 in Tempe, Arizona, the event brings some of the hottest names in rock and metal today for a full-on Halloween blast.

Apart from Tool, some of the top acts on the bill include Santana, Linkin Park, John Fogerty, Rob Zombie, Primus, Deftones, Coheed and Cambria, and many more. Tickets are available for sale since June 26, you can get yours online as early as today.

The unique vibe and surrounding make this festival a sight to see. So if you’re into the class acts we’ve just listed here, then by all means story by Tempe for the best Halloween show of our life!

Festival Schedule & Cheap Tix

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