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Moody Blues Co-Founder John Lodge to Release First Solo Album in 38 Years

moody bluesThe Moody Blues co-founder John Lodge has shared an exciting announcement, confirming he will release his first solo album in 38 years this May.

Titled “10,000 Light Years Ago,” the bassist/vocalist’s sophomore solo studio release will see the light of day on May 5 via Esoteric Antenna, marking a long overdue follow-up to 1977’s “Natural Avenue.”

The record will feature a string of guest appearances, including Ray Thomas and Mike Pinder of the Moody Blues on a song titled “Simply Magic,” as well as an appearance from guitar master Chris Spedding.

Announcing the effort, the album’s title track will be released digitally on April 14, featuring a total of eight tracks.

Mr. Lodge noted that the record will mark a musical continuation of the vibe brought on by the legendary Moodies, so don’t expect anything wild from the man, just the good ole magic he’s been delivering for decades now.

According to the announcement from the official site, a “fantastic-looking” deluxe edition of the record will be released as well, so act fast, hardcore fans.

John’s full statement reads as follows: “Back in the 60s, when the dreams of a ‘new generation’ were being born, The Moody Blues wrote a stage show which became the album ‘Days of Future Passed.’ The theme encompassed the past, present and future experiences of our lives. When Days of Future Passed was successful, I knew that our decision to stick to our principles by writing and recording music we felt driven to create, was the right one.

“Upon reflection, I suppose that in my work with The Moody Blues, and in my solo work, I have continued to stick to that principle. ‘I think that this theme has continued in the music of The Moody Blues and in my music, and it’s a musical record of our generation travelling through life. With ‘10,000 Light Years Ago,’ I have continued this theme of constant evolution, as everything in the future remains in reach, and although the past is behind us, it once was our future.”

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