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New Fleetwood Mac Album Might Take ‘A Couple of Years’ to Finish

fleetwood mac new albumClassic rock giants Fleetwood Mac have confirmed having “a great chunk of wonderful songs” for their new album. However, it might take at least “a couple of years” before the effort sees the light of day.

However, considering that the band’s leader, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham, has previously noted that Fleetwood Mac will end in 2015, the latest update is by all means a piece of good info.

Drummer and co-founder Mick Fleetwood told ABC Radio (via the Guardian) that the group is building up a massive amount of fresh material and has gathered quite a few quality chunks of good stuff when it comes to instrumental sections. It is now up to vocalist Stevie Nicks to join her bandmates in the studio and deliver a nifty vocal line or two to round up the compositions.

Mr. Fleetwood optimistically added that he has a feeling that “the music will not be wasted,” further pointing out that we should have a fresh Fleetwood Mac record on our hands “within the next couple of years.”

The band’s latest studio effort, “Say You Will,” saw its release way back in 2003, meaning that the new album in two years would mark the first Fleetwood Mac in as much as 14 whole years. Stay tuned for updates.

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