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Nickelback: If You’re Going to Hate Us, at Least Be Creative

NickelbackNickelback guitarist Ryan Peake has recently addressed all the hate the band’s been getting, admitting once again that the hate has actually worked in the band’s favor.

The group never hesitated to admit that all the online hate served as a great marketing tool that only propelled them towards rock superstardom. The lads even noted on a few occasions that they would never have reached the same plateau without it.

And now, chatting with Rei Barker (via The Vine), Ryan addressed the haters once again, prompting them to at least be creative.

He explained how he actually finds some of the jokes at the band’s account quite funny and enjoys reading them, noting that even Nickelback themselves like making Nickelback jokes during long travel hours.

Saying that if something’s funny, it’s simply funny, Ryan took a jab at commenters who copy the same joke over and over again. “If somebody’s being a d-ck … at least be a real clever dick, don’t just be copying the same stuff. It’s been done. It’s old hat. It’s not new,” he said.

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