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Rise Against Tour Dates + Concert Tickets 2015

Rise Against Tour and Tickets 2015Chicago punk rockers Rise Against have turned 2015 into a busy touring year, as they are fully scheduled until early July.

The band is set to kick off their concert trek with none-other than the behemoths known as the Foo Fighters, joining Dave Grohl and co. for a string of Australian dates in February and March.

The final date in the Land Down Under will take place on March 7 in Perth, giving the band about three weeks to regroup and head to Japan. The “Savior” rockers will spend only four days in the Land of the Rising Sun, and head back to North American soil in early April, tour it for a month and already head to Europe, where they’ll deliver the goods until early July.

The band is currently working hard to promote their latest studio album “The Black Market”, released in July 2014 to high acclaim from fans and critics, ultimately reaching No. 3 on the US Billboard 200 chart.

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Rise Against Tour Schedule 2015

#Apr 24, 6:00PM, Tampa (FL), Amalie Arena#
#May 02, Time TBA, Concord (NC), Rock City Campgrounds#
#May 02, 11:00AM, Concord (NC), Rock City Campgrounds#
#May 08, Time TBA, Las Vegas (NV), City of Rock#
#May 09, 4:00PM, Las Vegas (NV), City of Rock#
#May 15, Time TBA, Columbus (OH), Columbus Crew Stadium#
#Jun 05, 12:00PM, Nurnberg (Germany), Zeppelinfeld#


Rise Against BioChicago punk rockers Rise Against started their musical career in the largest city of Illinois in the year of 1999.

Much like many punk acts out there, Rise Against faced the difficult task of rising from the underground scene, working hard to outgrow the small clubs and minor labels.

Going against the grain to what it labeled as punk attitude in today’s society, the band had always heavily focused on promoting animal rights and supporting such progressive organizations as Amnesty International and It Gets Better Project. Additionally, the majority of the band are straight edge, supporters of PETA and vegetarians.

Back to the early days, the band was founded as Transistor Revolt featuring Tim McIlrath as its mainman from the beginning. Throughout the first four years, the group struggled as an independent act, releasing two albums, 2001 debut record “The Unraveling” and sophomore effort “Revolutions Per Minute” in 2003.

Heavy touring and notable singles such as “Like the Angel” and “Heaven Knows” were just enough for Rise Against to grab the attention of major labels, ultimately earning a record deal in late 2003. The mainstream success was at the group’s doorstep and it finally came with their third studio album, 2004’s “Siren Song of the Counter Culture.”

The band finally cracked the Billboard chart, earned a gold sales certificate, unleashed such hit numbers as “Give It All” and “Swing Life Away,” and got to tour the world.

There wasn’t much time for idle chat, though. The band had to keep the pace up, and was quick to release “The Sufferer & the Witness” in 2006. This time around, the band scored a No. 10 spot on the US albums chart, finally receiving mainstream recognition.

Hit number “Prayer of the Refugee” launched itself to higher ground, becoming one of the band’s staple tunes and an instant radio hit.

By now, Rise Against became a well-oiled machine, churning out hits and quality shows. In 2008, they released “Appeal to Reason,” reaching No. 3 spot on the charts for the very first time. Interestingly enough, each of their successive efforts also managed to crack the Top 3 in the States.

What made “Appeal to Reason” stand out and help the gang reach the next level was of course another hit number. “Savior” focused forgiveness and political issues, touching the right nerve of the US crowd and deservedly earning a spot among the year’s top hits.

Punctual and ready to deliver, the band presented their sixth studio album, “Endgame,” in 2010. Delving into the delicate matter of destruction and chaos caused by Hurricane Katrina, LGBT teen suicides, and the Deepwater Horizon oil spill, the group stayed true to the punk rock spirit, but with a sharp, deep edge.

The success kept growing as the band earned an honor of opening to Foo Fighters on their US fall tour in 2011.

By now, the band had dealt with many critical issues of today’s society, earning a spot among the most socially-conscious acts of our time. Topics like factory farming, rodeos, sport hunting, as well as deforestation, melting ice caps, and forest fires were all covered by Rise Against from a protesting angle, gaining more prominence in society.

Finally, “The Black Market” saw its release in 2013, once again cracking the Top 3 in the US. The fire is still burning, the passion is flickering, and in the band’s own words, “How we survive is what makes us who we are.”


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