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Rush Drummer Neil Peart Suffering From Chronic Tendonitis, Band’s Upcoming Tour Will Be Their Last

Rush bandRush guitarist Alex Lifeson has revealed that the band’s longtime drummer extraordinaire Neil Peart is suffering from chronic tendonitis, strongly hinting that the group’s upcoming tour will be their last.

So far, Rush management noted that the trek will likely be the last major tour from the band, but this is the first time that one of the band members discussed the matter.

Chatting with Global News, Lifeson confessed havin “mixed feelings” about slowing down, expressing relief on one hand, but also regretting that the days of hard touring are becoming thing of the past.

Additionally, Alex noted that Neil’s condition is one of the key factors in the whole matter, but also stressed that Rush is by no means slowing down when it comes to studio work. He said it loud and clear, Rush is “not finished as a band,” and there will likely be more studio efforts from the prog giants in years to come.

The guitarist further called frontman Geddy Lee a great inspiration for keeping his musical passion and desire to delve into the musical world at an all-time high level.

Rush still deliver an amazing show live and easily rank among top acts to see in concerts during 2015. If the Canadian lads happen to be in your region, go and watch the show without hesitation, it will probably be the best gig you’ve seen this year. Click here for a list of Rush tour dates and additional ticket info.

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