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Rush Kick Off Final Tour With Surprises, Perform ‘Jacob’s Ladder’ for the First Time Since 1980

RushProg titans Rush have officially kicked off the R40 tour, a trek that will very likely end up as their final major tour. The first gig took place in Tulsa, and oh boy were the lads delivering some top-notch work.

Some of the songs, such as “What You’re Doing” and “Lakeside Park” were performed live by the band for the very first time in nearly four decades, while one of the evening’s highlights was the performance of “Jacob’s Ladder” first time since 1980.

On the down side, this was the first Rush gig not to include “YYZ” on the set list since 1992, but needless to say, the atmosphere was absolutely fantastic.

The crowd was ecstatic, everyone seemed to know all the tunes by heart, and the band left the stage very, very pleased after a lengthy 26-song set. The sound was impeccable, and so was the overall performance. If there is one rock band you should most definitely see in 2015, it’s the almighty Rush. Make sure to get your tickets in time and check out the list of upcoming Ruch tour dates at the following link.

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