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The Who’s 2015 Tour Is Possibly Their Final

ZB3202_168901_0573Rock icons The Who are gearing up rock the crowd this year with a string of top-notch concerts, but it turned out that the trek just might be their final.

Singer Roger Daltrey recently told the Rolling Stone magazine that he would like to see the boys stop “at the top of their game, pointing out the need to be realistic and that the boys are pretty much in their 70s after all.

The singer stated with confidence that the trek will be the last “big tour” the band will ever do, meaning that smaller treks or one-off shows are still very much an option.

Additionally, the vocalist said that a brand new studio album is also a possibility, but the studio effort will have to wait until the shows are wrapped up. And in Roger’s words, the band cannot consider stretching out future gigs for more than two years, meaning that after 2017, The Who major tours will officially be a thing of the past.

One thing is for sure – we are talking about bonafide rock royalty here, a gang that helped redefine rock history, forge a little thing called punk over a decade before anyone knew what punk was, and define this other thing called a rock opera.

See them live as soon as possible, it might be the greatest show you have witnessed in your entire life. Tour details and additional ticket info here.

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