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U2 Fans Accidentally Given Tool Album on Record Store Day

U2Some U2 fans were in for quite a surprise on this year’s Record Store Day, especially those who ordered the band’s latest studio album, last year’s “Songs of Innocence.”

As it turned out, a portion of orders was accidentally packed with Tool’s 1992 debut EP release “Opiate,” leaving some fans confused, and others particularly amused.

The packaging error was reported by numerous dissatisfied customers around the internet, especially on Twitter, which resulted in a massive string of reactions. The web was so riled up at a certain point that even Tool themselves reacted, calling the mishap a form of divine intervention.

Obviously referring to U2’s controversial iTunes release of “Songs of Innocence,” camp Tool noted that the whole matter in a way ” makes you believe in mysterious higher powers.”

There is still no info on how the error will be corrected, although many fans have noted they will stick to their Tool-packed U2 albums as a possible collectible item. Tool indeed has quite a few hardcore fans and there are undoubtedly those who are very eager to get their hands on this particular copy.

U2 are killing it on the road this year with a lengthy string of worldwide tour dates. You can check out their full tour itinerary and ticket info here.

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