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U2 Producer Defends Controversial Release of ‘Songs of Innocence’

The Glastonbury Festival 2011 - Day TwoU2 producer Mark “Flood” Ellis, one of the production masters behind the band’s latest album “Songs of Innocence,” raising the question of the music’s value these days.

As widely reported, the controversially-released 2014 album was automatically uploaded to accounts of every iTunes user in the world, raising significant questions regarding privacy and the aforementioned value of music.

Chatting with Gigwise, Mr. Flood, also known for working with such class acts as Depeche Mode, Nick Cave, as well as U2’s staple albums “The Joshua Tree” and “Achtung Baby,” refused to criticize the release, saying that the effort has in fact raised a question that needed to be raised and that still was not answered.

His full quote reads as follows: “I think what it did was raise whether music is valued in society right now, and I think that’s something that still hasn’t been answered correctly. It brought about the question of ‘What are peoples’ listening tastes?’ And maybe the biggest question it raised was ‘Are people allowed to have choice or is choice actually being eliminated?'”

U2 are currently busy touring the world on a massively popular and nearly sold-out global trek. Check out the details and ticket info here.


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