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Upcoming Rush Tour Might Be Their Last

Rush rock bandProg rock champions Rush have announced that their upcoming US tour might be their very last concert trek. It is worth noting from the very start that this does not mean there will be no more Rush concerts, but only lengthy tours.

62-year-old drummer Neil Peart has pointed out on several occasions that the physical demands of delivering mind-boggling drum licks is only becoming harder with time, and will ultimately bring the final Rush tour ever so closer.

Additionally, Peart’s bandmates, guitar master Alex Lifeson and frontman Geddy Lee, have also noted that physical issues of constant live performing have taken their toll not only on Neil, but them as well.

Finally, even manager Ray Danniels has chimed in, noting that although nobody wants to consider the band’s upcoming trek final, the time of lengthy Rush tours and signature 3+ hour concerts seems to be passing by.

He told Celebrity Access (via Classic Rock): “I’m focused on making this as good as it can be and then seeing where we are. I didn’t want to do a farewell tour – there was no one in the band who wanted to do that. Nobody thinks it’s that final, or thinks they won’t make music or do something.”

In a nutshell, catch Rush on tour while you can and see them live in all their glory. Check out our site’s tour section and see where you can catch the Rush train live!

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