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Van Halen Planned a Release of Rare Bootleg and Demo Footage, But Couldn’t Pull It Off

Eddie Van HalenRock icons Van Halen revealed that they had plans of releasing a new album in 2015, mostly consisting of old bootleg and very early demo tapes, but ultimately had to scrape the idea.

Chatting with the Washington Times, guitar legend Eddie Van Halen revealed that the group was figuring out what to do since they didn’t have time to work on fresh studio material, but still wanted to present a new release.

So they opted for the idea of remixing 25 very early demos and putting them out, but that idea also turned sour as it turned out that the tapes got lost. Or in Eddie’s words, “They’re gone. So that was out the window.”

Then the group devised a second context – focus on bootleg material from the early club days. According to Mr. Van Halen, the band sifted through an immense amount of footage, but sadly none of it had even a decent sound quality, and if the material got too enhanced by modern production techniques, “the fly on the wall” vibe would disappear.

So keeping it plain and simple, the lads opted to go for a classic live album as a collection of various shows over the past years. “None of us wanted to sit there and listen to 200 shows, so we left it up to Dave,” Eddie concluded.

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