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Watch Dave Matthews Band Perform New Song ‘Black and Bluebird’

Dave Matthews BandUS rock titans Dave Matthews Band have officially premiered a brand new song titled “Black and Bluebird” during a recent appearance on the David Letterman show.

Since February 2015, the band has appeared on the iconic show for a total of 13 times, and even stuck around to bring “Legends on Letterman” series to a close with an hour-long set broadcasted live on the network’s official website.

Frontman Dave Matthews said that it was “awesome” to be given a chance to participate on the show, revealing that the band’s first TV appearance ever took place on the Letterman show two decades ago.

The band delivered a mix of their staple tunes such as “Digging a Ditch,” “Don’t Drink the Water,” “Grey Street,” as well as the aforementioned “Black and Bluebird.”

As for the new song, what we have at our hands is a mellow ditty rich with brass fills, neat guitar chords and Mr. Dave’s distinctive voice. The fact that the group opted to debut a new song on the show speaks for itself about how much the DMB crew respects Mr. Letterman.

As always, Dave Matthews Band have a busy year in front of them, and are gearing up to rock the stages across the States. Click here to check out their full list of upcoming concerts and additional ticket info. They still got the groove, and they will still blow you away.

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